The Jax

The Jax is a fun interactive acrylic toy for your Medium to Large Parrot. Recommended for Cockatoos, African Greys, Amazons, Mini Macaws. The Jax measures approx 5".  


Thumper Foot Toy

The Thumper Foot Toy is great for your Large to XL parrots. This heavy duty toy has stainless rings and beads welded to a 11G stainless steel bunny. Give you bird a fun foot toy for [...]


Bunny Hop

The Bunny Hop is a great bell like toy for your parrots. Recommended for Medium to Large Parrots. This toy can made for Small and XL parrots upon request. Please make a notation when [...]


Jellybean Bunny

The Jellybean Bunny is a fun interactive toy for your small to medium parrot. The colorful acrylic beads and stainless steel pieces make this toy a fun and attractive toy. All connections and [...]


Shred XL

Shred XL has four large accordion style paper boxes with wood slats in between and is strung on leather. Fill the boxes with treats or small toy parts to [...]