Piñata Toys


New Ultimate Polly Wanna Pinatas Great Foraging Toys Every pinata has a door in the back that can be Filled with a Treat! have the Great Heavy Cardboard Texture that Birds Love PLUS they are decorated with Lots of Different Natural Materials such as: Coconut pieces Sea Grass Strips Wood Pieces Palm leaves Vine Stars & Hearts. They provide the ULTIMATE Chewing, Shredding, Prenning & Foraging Experience.



Fetch-it Pets Polly Wanna Piñatas are 8 inch miniature piñata’s that are made out of all natural non-toxic 100% bird friendly materials.

Treat filled Polly Wanna Piñatas have a healthy mixture of banana chips, raisins, pineapple & papaya inside.

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Louie Lion, Frog Prince, Pete Parrot, Hula Pig


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