Bird Baffler

$17.50 $18.99

Natural soft untreated whitewood (3) 2 x 6 slices, (4) baffler slats and (1) 3 ½” x 3 ½”  on a refillable ½” acrylic Kabob with SS Screw Eye.

Each 1 ½” thick 2 x 6 slice is drilled with two  1-1/4”  holes, 3/4″ deep. There are also two 1-3/8” holes drilled completely through the top two slices to accommodate whole walnuts or pecans. All pieces rotate around the acrylic kabob.

Perfect for in shell nuts of all varieties. The Large Baffler has been created to challenge big beaks, avid wood chewers, and experienced foragers.

May require easy assembly for most efficient shipping


Please note these toys are custom made please allow time for production.  An extended wait time should be expected. These toys are well worth the wait. 

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